Rejecting and Accepting Diversity

When we talk about the importance of a multicultural society, we often talk about the value of accepting and promoting diversity. However, the word diversity is an ambiguous term because it is essentially defined as “variety” or “difference.” Diversity of what, exactly, are we going to consider as part of the obligatory moral and ethical fold? Continue reading


Islam is Not Liberalism

With Islam under fire from large portions of Western society, there has been an understandable push to defend the legitimacy of Muslims as a whole. As a Muslim, I am sympathetic to this effort. However, the ways in which this defense is mounted is more often than not sub-optimal. Other times, it is straight up self-defeating. What do I mean by this? Well, before we can consider an intellectual defense of a belief system, we must first consider what Islam is, in of itself.
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Homosexuality, LGBT, and Self-Identification

Homosexuality is not a phenomenon that is exclusive to the contemporary era. However, what is relatively new is the prominent belief that homosexuals are a specific category of people, similar to a race or ethnicity. Specifically, I am referring to the identity component of homosexuality, a belief in an innate “orientation” intrinsic to the individual. Social activists have made the case for a many new rights for homosexuals and others using this premise. Indeed, if heterosexual couples can get married, why can’t homosexual couples do the same? Why discriminate?

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Syria and Humanity’s Failure

2011 saw the beginning of the current war and resultant humanitarian crisis in Syria. In fact, its refugee crisis is the greatest the world has ever seen since World War II. Yet, rarely do we see a concerted effort to promote policies that evoke the type of empathy that we feel when we reminisce about the horrible atrocities committed during the last great World War. We hear phrases like “never again,” yet we clearly have returned to an eerily familiar situation. With the rise of White Nationalism and the normalization of neo-Nazism in global political discourse, humanity has clearly failed to learn its lessons of the past. Or perhaps, we have chosen to forget. Continue reading

Allah’s Argument Against Jesus’ Divinity

Often times the most potent arguments are not the most complex and intricate, but rather those that are simple yet resonate loudly. Even Muslims themselves can forget that. Sometimes we need a return to basics in order to find the answers that plague us. In the case of religion, no question is more hotly contested then the nature of Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace. As such, I have compiled a few excerpts from the Qur’an, speech of Allah Himself, to articulate what Christ’s role for humanity really is:
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4 Realizations of Faith

We tend to be very forgetful creatures sometimes. We often lose focus and get caught up in the details of our day-to-day lives to such an extent that we don’t pause to consider the bigger picture. Even thinking about it causes people to feel uneasy; “forget that religious talk, let me just enjoy my life!”

As they say, ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is tough, because you have to grapple with the consequences of knowing things. You may be obligated to change aspects about yourself. And who likes to change themselves? It’s much easier to just remain the same.

Such a person chooses to remain asleep while the world around him beckons to a potentially deeper understanding. Continue reading