السلام عليكم

Peace and greetings

I am a practicing Muslim living in the West. As a member of a religious minority, I have found that many people are not familiar with the personal aspect of this faith. For that reason, I decided to start this blog with the goal of collecting my thoughts, expressing in full what I believe, and making it available to those who wish to read it.

I hope to explore and deconstruct the mystery behind faith, question certain beliefs and cultural norms, and potentially bring about new understanding in the process. In short, I hope to make a confusing religion make a little bit more sense.

A word of caution: most of the issues I talk about are controversial or sensitive in nature. Although I do not intend to insult anyone, the nature of these topics necessitates a frank and open discussion. However, I will try my best to treat ideas that are considered sacred with the respect they deserve.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re very well-versed in various…I guess aspects of society, mashAllah (I feel like there’s another word or phrase for it but it’s not coming to me). I like how things that you say in your blog have a great potential to make people feel uncomfortable. I think that people are so afraid of being uncomfortable that they shy away from the reality of these topics and as a result they become taboo. I believe we all need to be uncomfortable from time to time, because it would provoke us to reevaluate our actions and work to balance the scale again. May Allah help us all. Ameen. P.S. Noticed there hasn’t been a post since last year, maybe look into writing again inshAllah?

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