Allah’s Argument Against Jesus’ Divinity

Often times the most potent arguments are not the most complex and intricate, but rather those that are simple yet resonate loudly. Even Muslims themselves can forget that. Sometimes we need a return to basics in order to find the answers that plague us. In the case of religion, no question is more hotly contested then the nature of Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace. As such, I have compiled a few excerpts from the Qur’an, speech of Allah Himself, to articulate what Christ’s role for humanity really is:
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Muhammad ﷺ in Judeo-Christian Traditions

Muslims make the claim that Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last in the long line of messengers and prophets of God. To a Christian or a Jew, such a claim is naturally received with some skepticism. If God had planned for a prophet after Jesus, then you would think that there would be some prophecy in the scriptures of his advent.

What people don’t know, however, is that it would seem that there is indeed some prophecy in Judeo-Christian tradition regarding another prophet. Why don’t we take a look? Continue reading

Can Jesus Die for You?

The central concept in Christian belief regarding salvation is the idea that Jesus died on the Cross as a payment for the sins of humanity. This was necessary because the punishment for sin is death, and so in order for sins to be removed the punishment must be carried out. Sin cannot be simply “forgiven” because that would be injustice and it would be breaking the law. The only way we as humans could be forgiven is if someone paid the price for us. Since Jesus was God, then his sacrifice was infinite and his one death paid the price for the whole of humanity.

To a Christian, the above sounds logical and makes sense. However, to Muslims several aspects makes no sense at all: Continue reading

Why I don’t Eat Pork

It’s a fairly well known fact that Muslims are prohibited from eating pork. When I inform someone who doesn’t know this, they often become perplexed. Why not? It’s not going to harm you, right? People eat pork all of the time!

I would point out that pigs are pretty disgusting animals, and it makes sense that God would not want us to eat something dirty. But one time, someone gave me their justification: “What you’re saying makes sense in the context of the time that the religion came from, but nowadays we have modern standards that have cleaned pork for consumption.” Initially, I didn’t have much of a reply. Since then, however, I have been able to elaborate. Continue reading